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What Do We Do

This is an easy one, we sell fish, 3 different means and we also Teach what?

Shoal - One day I went to a 5 star hotel’s restaurant and ordered a particular menu item made of fish and then the steward checked with the Chef and told me that it is not available for the day. I wanted to speak to the chef who came to my table. He told me that fish is seasonal and that their vendor did not deliver the fish per their requirement because it is unavailable. That's when I thought I could do something in this area and capture the niche market. That's how it started.

For Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers and Institutional retailers, we sell frozen, ready to use, HACCP complaint fish delivered through cold chain solutions ensuring quality and consistency in delivery. By the way, I am a vegetarian and that anecdote I wrote never happened, just wanted to pull your leg. Gotcha!

Goodfish - I wish I could write a grand anecdote on this one which becomes a case study in IIM A, on how to identify niche market opportunities and scale up. Lol, but none like that.

It is the most logical thing for us to do or the segment to enter in. Our target clientele is households, 30 different exotic varieties of fish on any given day that includes Fish, Prawns, Crabs, Squids, processed in front of the customer to their requirement in the most hygienic fashion, accurate weight and compelling daily price.

Pisces - Frankly, the only reason why Catamaran would get into this business is because I am a foodie, (I weigh about 92 kgs, BTW one of my investors and guru actually asked me as to how I will take care of the health of the company if I do not take care of my own weight (Anil Ambani was once asked this question, thats when he started jogging, I did not yet :)) I will tell you on a different note whether he is proved right or wrong)

On a serious note, who does not like good, tasty and appetizing food? Especially when no other eatery in the city is offering what we do. For all those who would like to eat fish, but do not know how to cook, we present the first one of its kind Quick Service Restaurant that serves only fish menu. The best of local and national cuisine and may be some fish burgers and fries and coke. Sorry Rahul and Rohit (both good friends of mine) of Fishtro www.fishtro.com guess I am stepping on your toes! More about this in the Pisces section.

Of Snappers & Groupers - This one we started on the request of the Chefs. Especially Chef Mandaar Sukhtankar of Park Hyderabad. I got this idea when he asked me to address his team every Saturday and tell them interesting things about fish.

This also acts as a great marketing tool for Catamaran and gives us some money. We train chefs on the A to Z of Fish, to improve their understanding of various aspects of these intriguing underwater animals. More about this in the Of Snappers & Groupers section.