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Fish does not smell True or False?

If you have been reading the last two sections then obviously this is no brainer. Fish does not smell. If it is smelling it is spoiled. For that matter no living thing smells. Please do not call the natural body odor as smell. Brinjal is going to smell like brinjal and similarly a cabbage will have its own smell. Likewise, each fish will have its natural flavor, but what you smell in fish markets is actually the rotten smell due to lack of waste management systems. That is not the natural body odor of any fish.

But you will call me a weirdo when you read this. If you actually were to spend time in landing centers, you will not just get used to the smell, you will start liking it, especially the dry fish and you will not act wierd when you smell it. Now people who lived some part of their life like me in Guntur and Prakasam districts of Andhra Pradesh will agree with me. While normal people put up an act about the tobacco smell, which is dried in sheds, a lot of us actually look forward to it and enjoy the smell. This is similar to that.