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Facts Chefs should know about Basa

The below facts will help you understand the product that you currently are using and what we are offering in a better light for you to take a call.
  1. All frozen products are treated with Sodium Tripolyphosphate for retaining the moisture of the product during the freezing time and storage time in the cold store. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_triphosphate
  2. Sodium Tripolyphosphate (henceforth STPP) is mixed with water, ice, citric acid and salt and the fillets are soaked for 6 hours before freezing. This process is called as soaking.
  3. STPP along with citric acid and salt open the cells of the meat and fill it with water, thereby resulting in substantial weight gain of the fillet. Sometimes to the tune of 30 percent also, depending on the amount of time it is soaked. Salt and freezing ensure that the opened cells are sealed.
  4. At the customer end, once the product is thawed and used, cooking by nature (due to heat, pressure) opens the cell pores and lets the water retained in them out, thereby resulting in lesser net yield to the customer.
  5. It is understood that most of the companies that process Basa in Vietnam operate at a 30 percent weight gain due to soaking. This is apart from the standard 10 percent glaze with which the product comes.
  6. This will substantially increase the end cost of the product to the customer.  The workings are given below.
Particulars Basa Frozen Fillet River Salmon Fresh Fillet
Product Price Rs. 210 Rs. 230
Add: VAT @ 5% on Frozen Basa Rs. 11 0
Effective cost before thawing Rs.221 Rs.230
Net Weight 900 gms (10% glaze) 1000 Gms
Net Yield 700 Gms (20% STPP Weight Gain) 1000 Gms
Final Effective Cost to the Hotel after thawing, Washing Rs. 316 Rs. 230

Additional Information

Area Basa River Salmon
Is Growth Induced Yes - Harmone Injections No
Texture Treatment Yes - Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate No
Weight Gain Treatment Yes - Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate No
Glaze Commercial Glaze - 10 to 20 Percent 0% glaze as we offer fresh fillets
Bleaching Yes - Phosphorous Pentoxide for White Color fillets No
Taste Bland Natural Flavor
Fillet Color White Orange
Origin Vietnam India
Source Culture Culture
Food Floating Pellet Rice Bran Cake & Palm Oil Cake
Species Pangasius Hypothalamus Pangasius Hypothalamus