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10 Things every chef should know about fish
  1. Fish does not smell, I repeat, Fish DOES NOT smell.
  2. If the stomach of the fish if flaccid or soft, it does not mean fish is spoiled, similarly if fish has slime on it, it is not bad, instead it actually is good.
  3. Chilled fish is supposed to be consumed the same day or at best the next day if it is stored between 3 to 4 degrees centigrade.
  4. Your - 18 deep is designed to maintain the temperature of your frozen products not to freeze and store your chilled fish.
  5. When you store fish in your deep, store them in a cardboard box. What your audit people tell you about cockroaches making them their home is baseless.
  6. The one and only way you can find out the quality of fish, both chilled and frozen is to smell it, unless you are a moving micro-biological laboratory.
  7. Red color prawns are DC prawns, which are DisColored. They are the scrap of prawn export units
  8. When you negotiate with a frozen fish vendor the first question you should ask them is what the product glaze is, the second questions is if the product has been treated with Sodium Tripolyphosphate. If both these questions are not answered by your vendor, he does not know what he is selling, in the other words, you do not know what you are buying. I hope you enjoy the ride.
  9. What you buy as basa is a fish called as Pungasius Hypophthalmus and the same fish is available in India. You do not have to import that fish and deplete our forex reserves. You actually are paying for 660 grams when you buy a Kg of Basa.
  10. If a vendor is supplying your indent the very next day every time you indent, it is not time to be very happy, it is time to go to his shop/godown or place of business and audit his processes and practices. Once this audit is over, I promise you would stop buying from him.