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Snappers & Groupers

We are going to make a bold statement. (Pun Inteded)

We are bent on making you unlearn what you know about fish and make you learn new. The right thing!

You do not believe us? Sample this.

Did you know
  1. That Red Snapper is not available in Indian seas?
  2. What you call as lobsters are actually not lobsters
  3. What you call as Scampi is actually Shrimp?
There has always been some amount of mystery about fish. These underwater dwelling animals are huge in variety, numbers and are intriguing. When we interact with our customers, quite a number of them expressed interest in knowing more about these amazing animals. What they are? What they eat? How they hunt? How they reproduce? How they are caught? We though coupled with these interesting facts, we would club some important information that would help the chefs in their job and offer a training program to them. Hence of Snappers & Groupers

  1. In this 3 day training program, we will introduce you to an interesting and comprehensive capsule of the following facts delivered using lectures, videos (like the ones you see in this page), audios and pictures.
  2. We will make you cook and eat 25 different varieties of fish products for you to choose what to serve your customers
  3. We will conduct tests to check your understanding
  4. Handover a training manual containing the training content and additional reading
What else? Your vendor will never be able to take you for a ride by giving you a John Snapper and calling it a red snapper!