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What is Shaol ?

What started as an effort to test our procurement capability and strength turned out to be a scalable business idea. Shoal happened because, I did not want to do what every one else who is in the fish business was doing. I started with visiting the fish landing ports and fish culture centers and export processing units and tried to understand the dynamics of that part of the value chain. Then I came to the customer and tried to understand his problems. Just connected the dots and that is Shoal. It did not happen in one day, every day was a learning and we applied the learning in the business. We started with chilled whole fish and today you will not find one single whole fish product in our offering. We have evolved, had our fair share of goof ups and continue to, but the most important thing is we did not stop learning.

Shoal - Shoal is the institutional sales brand of Catamaran. The word Shoal refers to a group of fish and is very American usage and considering my fancy for everything to do with America I have decided on that name when Jitender suggested. There are other words like School (British) and Battery that are used to refer to group of fish.