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Nellore Chapala Pulusu (Nellore Fish Stew, Nellore is a district and town in Andhra Pradesh) is a fish delicacy which is extremely popular in this part of the country. It is typically cooked in an earthen pot with fish of your choice (Either Murrel or Indian Salmon) onions, tamarind pulp, spices and Raw mango. The magic of this dish is, it is cooked the previous day in the evening and stored in the kitchen (with out stirring until its eaten) and served next day for lunch. By then, the fish would have absorbed the spiciness of the stew and tastes good when eaten. I know that cast water in your mouth. When eaten with hot rice, this divine gastronomical invention is finger licking good that you would want it everyday. But wait and behold, this is not the only thing in our menu. Sample this.

Amritsari Machli, Tandoori Pomfret, Mangalore Ravva Kane Fry, Meen Polichitu, Chettinadu Meen Kuzhambu, Jihnga Ghassa, Godavari Chapala Pulusu, Pathrani Macchi, Meen Moilee. Prawn Biryani, Macher Johl, Bommidaila Pulusu, Kakinada Peetha Iguru - I want to take your olfactory senses for a coastal Indian ride. 8 Items every day, best of the local and national cuisine and International Favourites. Take Home or have a quick bite. Traditional, Authentic, Mouth Watering.

I am going to send the COO of this division and the Chief Food Production Officer/ the Chef (another fascination for CXO designations) on a coastal Indian tour. Travel every port, enquire what is famous fish food to eat, taste it, write the authentic recipe and choose the menu from the best of what they have eaten between Gujarat and West Bengal. Voila! Wish I had the job of my COO!

We will ensure that this food is finger licking and that is why I am not promising any health food, as you may know healthy food and tasty food are like oxymorons and we are no way going to be at MC D or KFC pricing.