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I wish I could write what they have about Steve Jobs on Wikipedia and just change the name to mine and make it to suit for fish.
I am no visionary, did not invent anything that is so great that it is next to baked bread, but yes, we are passionate about fish, we know things about them that help us offer you the best.

This is a fairly long list, humor me.

Ravi Yedavalli - CEO Cofounder - People complain that I use all those latin names of fish to refer to them and make it sound extremely complex. Actually they are right! Irrespective of what I know about fish, I can make it sound to you that I know a lot about it and give you a complex or maybe I actually do know a little. I was invited to speak in couple of forums like FICCI, CII and I am going to speak in Central Institute for Food Technology (CIFT) Mysore on October 5th 2012. I also updated information about fish in Wikipedia. On a different note, I am a Lean six sigma Black belt from General Electric. Worked for companies like ICICI bank and Satyam BPO before I decided I wanted to do something on my own. For now Fish is a passion along with cooking, movies, travel and reading.

Jai Challa - From hotel management to facilities management to BD for infrastructure development, Jai has tremendous experience in setting up restaurants, kitchens and hotels and has an amazing flair for good food. When you have a scheduled meeting with him the next time, just reach there anywhere after one and half hours to one hour forty five minutes of the scheduled time. The entire team unanimously agrees on his 6 Sigma performance on maintaining this consistency between these operating tolerances for delay.

Key Advisors

Amit Bhaskar - Vice President - GE Capital - Amit was my reporting manager in GE. I was fortunate to work for him and in my entire employment career spanning 11 years, I have never worked in any company for more than 9 hours in a day excepting my tenure in his team. I would have bored all my friends by now by narrating my adulation for him and I genuinely think even if I know 5% of what he knows about six sigma, I have arrived in life. Although he used to call me a hiring defect back then, I am happy he agreed to mentor us in Catamaran.

Amit Choudhary - Deputy CFO - Capgemini FS - Amit is a key advisor of Catamaran on Strategy and Finance.

U.V.Rama Krishna - CEO - Naga Hanuman Fish Packers (NHFP) - Everything I know about fish, is something that I learnt from Rama Krishna garu. A bachelor of fisheries graduate and CEO of NHFP (one of the largest exporters of fish in south India), he has patiently coached, tutored and guided me on various aspects relating fish Anatomy, Physiology, Taxonomy, life cycle ,Hatcheries, Culture, hunting, processing in the last three years. A very strong supporter of Catamaran, we owe a part of what we are today to him.

Dr. Chandra Krishna Murthy - Executive Director Technical - National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) - Dr. C.K.Murthy as he is called is a strong supporter of Catamaran. He advises us on various aspects relating to the field and helps us with his contacts to support our activities.


Anil Jamalpur - Company Secretary - Guides us on Finance, Corporate Governance, Taxation and Company structuring.

Raja Sekhar Reddy Eeda - Chartered Accountant -Did you really expect me to write what he does for us. Seriously….

Ravindra Reddy M - Partner, Syslex Law Firm - Once Again, Self explanatory. We share a common passion and it is Blackberry. The best part is the bill comes only at the end, when everything is completely done and closed.

Jitender Ayyadevara - Sainosure Branding & Media Solutions - When I want to reach him, I generally call his wife, (both jitender and his wife instead and that is because, he usally does not pick up the phone. Keeping that aside, his work is exemplary and something that I would recommend on any given day. This website, all logos and everything related to branding here is his wonderful creation.