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Logo Description

As the name suggests, the graphic represents a group of fish all at one place, a one stop shop. The symmetry in design reflects compliance and quality.

The thought behind Goodfish was to deliver fresh, hygienic fish to our fish loving customers. I thought the best way to represent the freshness of the fish is to show it alive and breathing. The Goodfish graphic evolved from this concept. It is a friendly brand as its look and feel suggests.

It is our QSR brand. The logo had to be designed to fit our signages, cross media printing and of course it had to generate curiosity. The graphic reflects an abstract representation of fish leaving a lot of scope for imagination and a perfect square represents defined boundaries of not including any other food that is not fish. We have consciously moved away from the most common practice of using blue to avoid stereotyping and make the brand much serious. The aquatic font feature makes the logo unit more fish friendly!

Of Snappers and Groupers being the training division that brings you back to the class room environment had to have more of an academic look and feel at the same time retaining our core focus - fish. Hence we made a fusion of academics and fish in the logo representation for Of Snappers and Groupers'.

The word catamaran is derived from the Tamil word kattumaram, literally "tied wood".

A catamaran is a geometry-stabilized boat or ship. It is usually multihulled, consisting of two hulls (traditionally wooden logs) or vakas, joined by some structure.

Being a corporate identity the logo of Catamaran is purely font based. Deriving its essence from the description of the name 'Catamaran' we have used the geometric font form with a tweak in the letter 'A' . The two lines running across the letter A represent the two hulls that are joined together, the main feature of Catamarans, either manual or mechanized. The sharper fonts and capital letter structure represent our knowledge of the domain and our thought leadership.