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The Catamaran Advantage

  1. We will ensure you get fresh and quality fish. We are committed to removing the image of fish being related to smell (BTW fish does not smell and what you smell in the fish market is actually rotten fish and this rotten smell is not restricted to fish market, you go to vegetable market, there also this stench can jam you nostrils, thats because they are rotten too. The bottom line is whatever is rotten whether fish or vegetables smells)
  2. Variety and adequate choice to choose from (hey its not chicken or mutton to keep eating only one thing, How boring it can get) - Literally 30 varieties will ensure that you do not have to repeat the same fish in the entire month, that is assuming you are going to eat fish everyday.
  3. This fish is processed in front of you, the way you want. Neat and clean apparatus and people and Hygienic process with excellent waste management .
  4. HACCP compliance ensures you get the highest quality of the intended product.
  5. Now you can buy, Live, Fresh, Chilled, Frozen, Dry Fish from us (Thats a lot of variety)
  6. You can call us and ask for home delivery.
  7. You can order online and pay online and get your fish sitting where you are.