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As Ravi rightly said about me, the only thing I hate in this world is my mobile phone. I am Jitender and I contribute to the brand management for Catamaran. Along with a great opportunity Ravi Yedavalli also threw greater challenge at me as he always does. The challenge was very complicated and that was to keep things simple! That’s what I tried my best to reflect in various aspects of branding for Catamaran right from the logo and sales collateral to the website which is of course a long way to evolve to its full entity.

After thoroughly understanding and analyzing the customers, market, competition and our own self, we derived certain key value propositions for Catamaran of which Quality and Thought Leadership form the core aspects. Based on these, we have built a brand identity for Catamaran as a product, as a service and as an organization.

I am sure Catamaran will soon be the most reliable source of reference under any context when it comes to fish!