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Who we are

When someone called Mc Donald’s Corporate office in their early days and asked if they have dialed the right number, the executive in Mc D replied saying, Yes, We are the hamburger people.

I am Ravi Yedavalli, the Chief Executive Officer of Catamaran Waterbase Solutions Private Limited. I am bored of reading websites of companies that keep telling us how global they are, how grand their products & services are and how cutting edge their technology is and how their leaders changed the world. Probably written by some paid consultant, I find them of yawning interest. I did not want Catamaran’s website to be one of them, hence I am personally writing the content in each section excepting the branding one, this is written by Jitender whom I will introduce in the people section and I intend to do it in first person and I promise I am not going to use these cliched and hackneyed expressions that you would come across every other website. I am making it personal and a fun reading one.

Going back to our MC D reference, on a similar note we are a fish company, all varieties and forms. Fish, Crustaceans, Cephalopods, Bivalves all of them. If it is available in Indian seas and rivers, then consider to be available with us. Live, Fresh, Chilled, Frozen, Dry, Cooked, in all kinds, Whole, Fillet, Steaks, Gutted, Curry, Biryani in all forms. But most importantly, we are a start-up company.